Top 8 Free Apps to Watch Movies and Series Forever

Terbit: January 30, 2023 by jvpass – Top 8 Free Apps to Watch Movies and Series Forever, If one of your favorite hobbies is watching movies and series and you are looking for good free options, you are in the right place.

In this post we have set up the best apps that you can watch movies and series directly from your smartphone without paying anything or trial tv streaming if available for it.

Free Apps to Watch Movies and Series

This list of movie applications offers thousands of free streaming movies. Once installed on your smartphone or tablet you will be able to watch your favorite movies wherever you are.

These apps not only stream movies but also allow you to watch free TV shows on many apps. Its a great way to catch up with your favorite showtime anytime on the go.

1. Crackle

Crackle is compatible with almost every device imaginable, including all the popular mobile devices, that have most of the smart TV, streaming players and game consoles, in addition to the native browser like chrome, safari, and opera.

It is easy to work with the interface and stream movies smoothly. You dont need to log in to watch movies and TV shows but the option is available if you do.

One of the things you wont find in many movie apps is the ability to sort and filter the results. Although I think more could be done here to make it even better that Crackle allows you to filter by genre and sort by title and date when the movies are added to the application.

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2. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is also a great option for those who want to watch movies and series for free. The application works as an Internet TV where you can choose different channels to watch the program. However it is also possible to watch movies and series on the platform.

If you want to watch it for free you can find works of different genres from action comedies to dramas such as romance.

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3. Yidio

The free Yidios movie app only works on a few devices but its actually a pretty useful app that will show you exactly where you need to go to find free movies.

Filter many ways like the IMDb type of the MPAA score release date and even hide what you see. App filtering is another option that lets you find movies available in apps youve already installed.

Because of this since the movies here are not actually hosted on the Yidios website they tell you to install other applications such as Crackle or Vudu.

The following mobile platforms can install this app: iOS, Android, and Amazon Kindle.

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4. Vudu

This is known for movies that you can buy but if you accept random ads you can also watch thousands of movies for free.

Its easy to watch free movies in Vudu, just open the free page in the menu or search for movies with the free advertising label. From there you can see all the movies that have been launched this week that are the most popular or belong to a specific genre.

Another thing you can do is to watch all the free movies on your website and then search the app for a specific movie so that you can watch it from your mobile device.

Other useful ways you can navigate are like sections All-Time Movie Favorites, Most Watched Movies, Blazing Sci-Fi, Hidden Gems, and Big Time Movie Stars.

You can install the Vudu app on your Android, iPhone, and iPod touch. It also works on Chromecast on Roku and Apple TV.

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5. Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is another source of free movies. The app isnt that interesting as it looks a lot like the Rokus website which is pretty bland but there are a few genres to choose from and you can start searching right away as it doesnt require a user account.

Go to the Roku Channel tab at the bottom to see all the free movies offered by this app. You can start with the recommended movies and films that were recently added to their collection. Below these lists are categories covering comedies for action on Netflix titles historical films etc.

There is also a live TV area with channels to play movies. Of course the choice is more limited than movies on demand but its a great place to visit if you dont know how to feel.

The app also serves as a remote control for Roku. It runs on Android or iPhone.

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6. YouTube

In addition to movies you can buy, rent, or trials with youtube premium family plan free trial. There are a lot of free movies on YouTube you can watch with ads or you can use youtube tv 21 day free trial. There are even entire channels dedicated to free movies like Maverick Movies and Timeless Classic Movies.

There are lots of devices and apps that can stream YouTube movies, such as iOS and Android mobile devices, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Roku.

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7. GloboPlay

GloboPlay is another application that allows you to access movies and series directly from your mobile phone. However unlike other apps that appear on our list the platform only has real-time programming.

This means you have to have access to the app when you watch a movie or TV show to watch it.

However the platform becomes a great option considering that it is completely free to watch movies and pass the time.

However if you want to watch movies and TV shows without interruption you can opt for a streaming subscription.

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8. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is another free movie app that lets you watch free movies away from your computer.

Unlike some apps, this one makes a clear distinction between TV series and movies. Once you land on the movies, pick a genre to narrow down the collection until you find what you want to watch. There are crime, sports, action, drama, horror, documentaries, thriller, and sci-fi movies, and interesting sections like Beat The Heat Action, There’s A Haunt in This House, and Featuring Superhero Actors.

After you use the app for a while, you’ll appreciate the Not seen filter that you can apply to avoid scrolling through movies you’ve already watched.

Movie streaming from Popcornflix is supported on iPhone, iPad, Android, and other devices like Roku and Apple TV.

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